Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where are They Now?

I'm glad to see these two are still kickin' it these days...


I fell in love with Jamie (far left) from Real World San Diego during college and here she is five years later still in the limelight...

Or at the very least, she's basking in the pale green glow of almost celebrity.

Next, Josh and I discovered that the star of our most favorite Lifetime movie ever in the history of ever is still playing the role of a borderline slutty teenager...


Here she was in 2004 playing the role of the "good girl" who after falling prey to the charms of the school hunk yelled at her mom, "It was just oral!" and then ended up as one of the many countless victims of a syphilis outbreak in their upper-middle class neighborhood.


Josh and I recently caught "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" on TV and found our girl playing the mean and mildly trashy ex-girlfriend of Nick, Michael Cera's character. Nice!

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Jennifer said...

Jamie is also a model! I've seen her in some Roxy ads...and I think Kohl's, too. Kohl's used to be all over Teddy (whom Kelly loved) from that MTV model show.