Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lights out

Does anyone know what kind of light should go here? We've lived in our house for 2+ years and our kitchen light bit the dust about a month ago. At first, Josh couldn't figure out how to remove the globe but once he figured that out, a whole new challenge was presented with finding the mystery bulb that fits here.

Luckily, we haven't been left in the dark since the clever owner before us installed additional recessed lighting. However, I just can't break my habit of hitting the switch for our now defunct light and having nothing happen. Sheesh.

Foiled. You do not fit here, light from Home Depot.


Amy said...

Nick and I are confused...if the light used to work...then it quit and you unscrewed the globe...cant you take the bulb that used to go there to the store and get the replacement?

Lora said...

We took it to the store and they didn't have any bulbs that matched the original. That was only Home Depot though so maybe we have to go to Lowe's. Or maybe the past owner picked some obscure bulb that no longer exists!