Monday, April 26, 2010

How does this work?

I am definitely not the queen of all things grammar, spelling and punctuation but it's just very hard for me to ignore typos and nonsensical sentences. Remember the kick I got out of the fortune cookie? In our travels around the greater Des Moines area, Josh and I have spotted a Prolife billboard that has me confused.

Isn't the word "what" typically followed by a question mark? Sure, there are phrases like, "What a riot!" where an exclamation point would be appropriate, but I'm fairly certain that really isn't the sentiment the Prolife people are trying to convey. "What! [a riot]" "Embryos are babies!" Yeah, that's probably not it. After driving by this billboard, Josh and I spent a few blocks trying to make this stand-alone "what" a statement and an exclamatory one at that. We decided that when asking a question your voice typically goes up, so in this case do you drop your voice an octave but shout? We're still scratching our heads about it.

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