Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh from the Farmers Market

Oh, Farmers Market how I've missed you. The Farmers Market opening day was last weekend and it did not disappoint. So much to look at and eat but with the big crowd and lots of new vendors we weren't able to enjoy everything. We missed out on the new, fancy chorizo breakfast sandwich and gourmet BLTs. All was not lost though, here's how the rest of morning shaped up for us:
  • Asparagus (devoured it on Monday and it was amazing!)
  • Breakfast burrito (as delicious as I remembered)
  • Homemade chips, salsa and tamales (chips and salsa are almost gone, Josh is digging the tamales)
  • Flowers (a little pricey, but very pretty)
  • Mini donuts (I think it's one of the best finds ever, gobbled them up but shared a few with Benny) See the sugar crash below.

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