Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was jam-packed with activity. Josh and I had my March of Dimes walk on Saturday morning, meat and cheese fest* in the afternoon with Nick, Amy and Josh's mom and dad, and then late o'clock dinner (9:30 p.m.?) at Nick and Amy's. Amy made sangria which was a blessing and a curse. Wine is really the only thing that I can guarantee will give me a hangover but it was delicious! Moink balls for an appy, Tri-tip and green beans for dinner, strawberry rhubarb pie/crisp and chocolate cake from Bake Shoppe for dessert. So good but I was so ready for a long winter's nap after eating everything. Mind you, this was just Saturday.

On Sunday, headed over to Cheesecake Factory to try out their breakfast with Josh's fam. I can't believe we just discovered it now! It was super good. I had the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich and was delighted to find out that it came with potatoes. I do have to say that I was pretty envious of Josh's Baja Chicken Hash, it definitely trumped my sandwich in the deliciousness department.

Other things we did:

  • Took Sudsy on a walk to take flowers to my mom
  • Impromptu dinner with my cousins
  • Watched (Josh)/napped during (me and Suds) the Cubs game
*Note: not an actual fest, just the act of going to Graziano's, buying meats and cheeses and then sitting around a table eating said meats and cheeses.

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Jennifer said...

Little Lora is so cute!