Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raise my glass 5.27.10

I'd like to raise my glass to...

Glee went Gaga this week and for this girl it brought together the best of both worlds. Josh can't handle the show but every week I turn off the TV wistfully thinking if only my life were a musical. Then, I remember that this would probably require me to carry some sort of a tune instead of the warbling that comes out of my mouth on my drive to work. Shucks.

I definitely do not blog it out like some of the ladies I follow (read: Jennifer and Amanda). There were just a handful of blogs that I was into, including theirs, but all that has changed since Jennifer dragged me kicking and screaming gently guided me through the Google Reader world. I feel like Alice in Wonderland tumbling further and further down the rabbit hole. Subscribing to one blog leads me to checking out another blog, which in turn leads to sharing an item. Oh, and since I'm waiting for a response to my shared item I should probably just check out the recommended items, and then the delicious but vicious cycle starts all over again. Thanks, Jennifer.


Jennifer said...

Muahaha. You're welcome.

MsAmanda said...

I feel bad for people who don't use Google Reader. They miss out on SO much!