Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Country livin'

Sudsy went on vacation too! We took him out to Tri-County Boarding Kennel so he had a chance to run around, smell the breezes and soak up some country livin'. This was our first time boarding him for a long period of time but he seemed to be okay with it. As soon as he heard the barks from the kennel, he left with the staff and didn't even look back to say goodbye to his Ma and Pa. I felt like I was taking our baby to daycare for the first time. According to the staff, he, along with a Newfoundland guest, loved the little dogs, especially a Cavalier King Charles. Go figure.

Hey, where we goin', guys?

Looks like the Cavalier King Charles gave him a run for his money. Suds has been in this position all day!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Man, Suds is wiped out! I love that picture of him all exhausted on the couch.