Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No (wo)man is an island

Josh had a bachelor party in Vegas so I was left to my own devices this weekend. Thinking that I'd be flying solo for most of the weekend I came up with a nice little to-do list to keep me and Suds preoccupied. And then out of the kindness of their hearts some of my family invited me to a few social engagements so that I didn't have to go without human interaction for three days.

All in all, the weekend shaped up to be a pretty good one:

  • Painted front door, adirondack chair and window (verdict: I need some new tunes on my iPod ASAP)
  • Visited the Land of Tiny Furniture with Suds (verdict: Suds loves visiting his grandpa)
  • Dined on Bruschetta pizza with my dad and aunt (verdict: bruschetta, good. Bruschetta as a pizza, even better)
  • Grilled out with cousins (verdict: Fruit pizza from Hy-Vee was a good idea for an impromptu get together...until Annie told you she made one)
  • Marathon shopping trip with Jennifer (verdict: I might be a Maxxinista now)

1 comment:

Amy said...

I am glad you like TJ Maxx too! Finally!