Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bite me

Josh's cousin Jeff set some fireworks off a summer or two ago when Suds was nearby and ever since then Suds has been a nervous nelly around loud thunderous noises. We witnessed a true freakout this weekend while we were sitting on the porch and a firecracker went off. Suds tried to jump headfirst into the screen door to get inside. And when that didn't work he proceeded to claw like a madman (mad-dog?) nearly tearing the screen down. We decided to just let him inside so that he could go to his favorite hiding spot during thunderstorms, our basement. However, as more fireworks went off, we realized that he was still freaking out so we went inside and found this...

Surely, the lack of opposable thumbs was enough to deter him from trying to get back out to us during his freakout, right?
Not so much. Apparently his plan was to gnaw the doorknob until it turned. Oh, Sudsworth.

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