Friday, July 2, 2010

Get your art on

Sorry to be so delinquent with posting. Better late than never though, right?

We did as the Des Moines Arts Festival slogan told us and "got our art on" last weekend. We rarely purchase anything at the annual event and this year we walked away empty-handed. I do enjoy walking around and seeing the amazing/creepy/fun stuff that artists bring to display though.

We had our eye on this...

It would've made a nice little addition to our office once it's all done (which should be sometime in the next decade or two).
And Josh liked these paintings...

And he enjoyed this one...
Other things we did:
  • Housewarming party at Joe and Brooke's (the name of their neighborhood is Sterling Trace, not sure what it means but it sounds classy)
  • World Cup at Nick and Amy's (bummer about the US, but the potatoes eased the heartache I think)
  • Celebrated Annie's golden birthday (woot, woot!)
  • Market Day (I did this, Josh took in more World Cup action whilst I was away)

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