Thursday, August 26, 2010

We should be friends

I went to Tegan and Sara with Jill last week and they put on a good show. They had a little Q&A session with fans between songs and I have to say that there were a few questions that had me scratching my head. For example, one girl stepped up to the mic and said, "You guys (insert expletive here) rock! You are (insert expletive here) awesome!" For the next part of the (non)question, I'll just give those non-Tegan and Sara followers a heads up and let you know that Tegan and Sara are twins who are lesbians. Anyway, back to the (non)question, the girl then went on to say, "I have a twin sister and we're both gay too. And I always had a thing for Tegan and she always had a thing for Sara."

Now, what are Tegan and Sara supposed to do with that information? Were they suppose to say, "Cool, we should be friends"? The only thing I personally could liken this awkward exchange to is when people find out I'm Filipino and ask me if I know so-and-so because obviously, all of us Filipinos are in cahoots. I don't remember exactly what Tegan or Sara's answer was to that statement but I know it was a very eloquent and witty response like all of their other answers during the Q&A. And that might be the thing that I liked best about them, well-spoken and talent to boot.

See some funny footage from the concert below:

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