Monday, November 29, 2010

Dutch Letter Bars

I've been itching to whip up Dutch Letter Bars ever since I read about them on Amanda's blog. I love Dutch Letters. I first had them as kid when my parents would drive to Pella's Jaarsma Bakery and bring home a box filled with these tasty treats. Or maybe it was my aunts. I don't know but somehow they magically appeared on our kitchen counter waiting to be devoured.

So I decided to bake it up and bring these bars to Josh's family's Thanksgiving and found out that the good people of Eastern Iowa do not know about Dutch Letters (gasp!). Apparently, Dutch Letters are popular in Central Iowa but haven't found fame and glory outside of this region. For shame.

Ahem, pardon the taste test. The bars are true dessert bars. No flaky pastry like the real deal, but the almond taste is spot on.

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