Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little over halfway

I'm a little over halfway through my pregnancy. Josh took a belly pic but I hate the way I look in it so I've made the executive decision not to post it. I don't have a glow nor have I been blessed with thick, fabulous hair as the books say many moms-to-be get. Bummer.

Instead of a pic of my burgeoning belly, you can have this pic.

According to The Bump, baby is the size of a papaya now. Meanwhile, mom is floating somewhere between she's preggo and she's packing on pounds. I think I'm slowly crawling out of the in-between is she/isn't she stage. But given my unimpressive size, the look on people's faces when they hear that I'm pregnant has disbelief written all over it. Honestly, I'm kind of in disbelief myself. I feel like since I'm over the halfway mark I should have way more to show for it. All in good time I suppose.

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Annie Salgado said...

Very exciting! I loved reading about how big that baby was and what it was doing! Over half way?! Its going by fast!