Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pick 'ems

Always looking to keep things fresh in our marriage, our newest bonding activity is entering Josh's office's football pool each week. He's responsible for the college picks and I handle the NFL. The prize? About 120+ bucks and pride. We have yet to win but it's been fun tracking scores and checking in on games together. I'm sure that's the real reason why Josh invited me to take part in the first place. This way I would have to stop nagging him about watching football all weekend because now it's a "we" thing, not a "he" thing. Well played.

I have no method to my madness which of course means that for the past two weeks, I have been picking more winners than Josh. My picks are solely based on personal feelings and irrational logic. Recently, I
(along with the rest of the free world), decided that I really don't like Brett Favre, therefore, I will probably never pick the Vikings. I don't care for this team's fans, I don't like that team's uniforms, their mascot seems cooler than the other team's, etc. and so forth. That's how I pick 'em.

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