Monday, November 15, 2010

That's it?

We're in the middle of refinancing. Grown up stuff like this gives me a headache because it makes me feel like I might be an idiot. People need to be very patient with me when it comes to talking about interest rates, closing costs, PMI, etc. because for some reason, my little Lora brain has a terrible time grasping any of these concepts. So when our mortgage broker started plugging in facts and figures into his idea machine and came out with a few different scenarios, the only thing I could utter was, "House payment smaller, yes?" Okay, I was a bit more eloquent than that but you get the idea.

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So we're in the middle of refinancing and the next step in the process was to have our house appraised. Josh and I went into a cleaning frenzy and spent the better part of last week painting the woodwork that experienced Suds' wrath, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, mopping and wiping every nook and cranny in our house. Parts of our house that haven't been touched since we moved in three years ago got a good scrubbing.

I even thought maybe I should bake something because isn't that what you're supposed to do to make it smell more home-y and less Sudsy? We should take all the junk out of this room so they can see what purpose this room would serve instead of the purpose it currently serves, which is housing all the crap that we keep hauling around with us from college and our early 20s, right? Josh reminded me that we aren't trying to get the appraisal lady to buy our house and said that I've watched too much HGTV.

So appraisal day came and the lady visited with camera and notepad in hand and poked around for all of three minutes. That's it, three little, itty bitty minutes. Name things that should take three minutes or less and I promise a house appraisal doesn't end up on that list. I should have listened to my good friend Jennifer, she warned me that they walked in and walked out in no time flat. Oh, well getting all worked up like that was probably for the best since it gave us the kick in the pants that we needed to cross off some long overdue to-dos.

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