Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 months

I'd like to reassure you that this isn't going to turn into a mommy blog, however, I'm fairly certain that I can't keep that promise because all the happenings in our world revolve around this baby right now and I don't really have any other notable thoughts (or if I did I can't remember them). Here's a two month rundown:

  • Dexter is turning into a real live person before our eyes instead of the milk-hungry, sleep deprivation-inducing blob that came home with us from the hospital (and I say this all affectionately), he's even smiling real smiles
  • His hair cannot be tamed. It's one big fluff after a bath and a matted down greasy mess after a couple of days. Doesn't this picture make him look like he just had a really crazy day at the office?
  • He had his two month shots and wore them like a champ in my opinion.
  • Dex celebrated his first Easter and like many church-goers was asleep during the entire mass.
  • Mom had her first beer. "Once it hits your lips, it's so good."
Dressed up in big boy clothes.

So big.


Jonna said...

OHH he's so cute. I just love him as soon as your gone I miss him.And you two also.

Annie Salgado said...

Love the update! We need to see him again soon!

Kelly Ruden said...

He is getting so big! I love that shirt with the tie.