Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go here, not there

I went out for a little shopping spree last Saturday after I had breakfast with my former roomies, always friends. First stop was Target to pick up carpet deodorizer, (so glamorous and I can totally feel your envy radiating across the interweb). I also decided to peek around the toy section and see if I could find Dexter a couple of new gadgets and gizmos. I ended up with a couple of these toys that were on sale. However, I failed to realize that Target is kind of a madhouse on a Saturday morning. The checkout lines were packed and I was like WTF? Who gets up this early* and goes to Target? Moms. And grown-ups. And I'm one of them. Note to self, on future Saturday mornings, target Target for an afternoon visit.
After getting through that harrowing experience, my spree took me to the mall, namely Forever 21, everyone's favorite trendy but cheap, no-rhyme-or-reason-to-the-way-we're-organized-and-that-shirt-you're-looking-for-is-inevitably-at-the-bottom-of-the-pile-of-piles-in-the-back-of-the-store store. I typically steer clear of here when I'm with Dexter for the following reasons:

1. Because I tried that already and got way too many gasp, babies havin' babies, just ain't right looks (curse you, Asian genes and your ability to make me appear 18 instead of 28)
2. It is also a madhouse...times one billion

Without Dexter in tow though I bravely went in and discovered...a ghost town. Shock and surprise swept over me. Where were all the tween and teens? How could it be that I have this high school girl mecca all to myself? No lines for the dressing room? Ah, yes, that's right, it's only 10:30 a.m. The girls are undoubtedly still at home in PJs planning to swarm the mall around noon. So from now on, I will only be visiting Forever 21 in the morning lest I find myself in a predicament with a gang of young girls over a pair of jeggings.

*When I say early, I mean like 9:30 a.m. which I realize is not early at all to moms and grown-ups. Only early to me, who is still living in a fantasy world where I'm still us (the carefree just out of college kids) and not them (the responsibility ridden adults) in the us vs. them debate.

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