Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 months

Ack!* 7 months old!

  • All he wants to do is, all he wants to do is stand
  • Dexter does this thing that we've dubbed "zombie bites". You know in zombie movies when they are moving at a regular speed and then all of a sudden they move super duper fast when going in for the kill? That's a zombie bite. Slow, slow, shakes his head really fast, opens his mouth wide and CHOMP! He does it to toys, books, burpcloths, hands, etc.
  • He's got a Kung Fu grip. Dexter will grab your arm and squeeeeeze as hard as he can. I've actually yelped a few times when he's done this.
  • So squirmy these days, can't be cuddled for too long

  • Inches along like a little caterpillar. He's tried to follow us out of a room with little success. If only he could get that belly off the floor.
  • Had a rough start figuring out his sippy cup but is starting to chug a lug, or at least pretend to, like his dad

  • Had his first cold, poor guy
  • Good eater,(was there ever a doubt?)-green beans and carrots were just added to the menu 
  • Still likes to read but would rather hold the book or at least zombie bite it
  • Loves the "Austrian Song" and "Baby Shark" song. Naturally, they are the longest camp songs I know.
  • Finally, thinks Suds is hilarious. Hooray!
  • I have a feeling he's going to wrestle a lot with Josh when he gets older; he just loves to play rough...just the way your mother likes it, Trebek
*Clearly, I'm channeling a Cathy cartoon

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