Thursday, December 1, 2011

But it's so pretty

This Skittles infused vodka showed up on Pinterest and I am quite curious. Josh said he tried it at our friend's wedding a few months ago and it was not the bees knees. I tried to say that I'm going to make it and prove him wrong because how can something so pretty not be the bees knees? Taste the rainbow, man. 

 Okay, truthfully, I will probably not be mixing up a batch because the girl that only has a couple beers every once in awhile probably doesn't have a need for infused any-cohol in her fridge. But if you're so inclined to try it and want to save me a sip, here's the how-to.

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Kelly Ruden said...

I tried it at the wedding and it was delicious! However, it was like $28 so I only had a little sip. If you make it at home I'll help you drink it.