Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nobody's home

For all you Des Moines-ians, we ventured to Southridge Mall this weekend and it was depressing and eerie. Empty storefronts, small crowd of shoppers, vast parking lot. Josh wanted to go to the Filipino store to see if he could find Ube ice cream. They didn't have any. It seems even the dessert has deserted left the shopping center. This is probably the first time in a decade, maybe two, that I've been inside Southridge. It was the mall of my childhood before we moved to fancy schmancy West Des Moines. What a sad state to find it in nearly 20 years later. I suppose it was appropriate timing for me to pay my respects this weekend since they are about to undergo a huge remodel. So long old Southridge, may your new adventure be your best!

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