Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Children at Play

Joshie had a play date up in Cedar Falls this weekend with all his boys. I'd love to get back to Cedar Falls again even though Josh reported that this Cedar Falls is not our Cedar Falls. The Hill was a ghost town, there is a parking garage on campus, Suds (the bar for whom our dog is named) was closed at 6 p.m. on a Saturday, Tony's is on Main Street. All you old UNI kids, what the what, right? The OP, however is still there and I'd love to visit and stuff my face with pizza and breadsticks and guzzle my weight in Grateful Deads. Okay, maybe not the latter but I would for sure have one or two. For old times sake. Yes, I'd love to get back to Cedar Falls.

Dexter also went on a playdate with our friends and family, Jackson, Ben and Emma. We headed to Merle Hay Mall which was not as depressing as Southridge but still a tiny bit depressing since one of their big stores is a Staples? Say whaaat? Dexter had his first encounter with a mall playplace and he learned that it's wild and kids are crazy and his mother needs to keep her judgy eyes in check. Annie warned me about how easy it is to have judgy eyes in these places. Eyes that say, who's that kid belong to? Or OMG, figure it out.

I'm sure I got my fair share of judgy eyes too though, tsk, tsking away the little Asian teen mom who took her crawling baby to be trampled by the big kids at the playplace. Such is life.

And get this, in my struggle to get Dexter out of the car, my camera fell out of my bag into his carseat so I have no pictures to show from our little adventure. For this, you may judge away.

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