Monday, April 2, 2012

Double date 2012 style

You are about to laugh. And maybe pass judgment. And probably pass judgment. Okay, you will pass judgment.

My first date with Josh outside of the social construct of Jungle Juice and 40 Fridays at the DU House was a double date with our dear friends (and matchmakers) Tom and Kelly. Not that funny?


And on this date we headed to Waterloo to see the coming-of-age film Crossroads.

Yes, that Crossroads. And that's when Josh learned the lesson of sacrifice...and that his future wife has very puzzling taste in music and movies (and still does to this day).

So a decade later, the four of us went on our second movie double date ever. This time, The Hunger Games. Much cooler than our first double date movie, right?


We went to a 5:50 p.m. showing and got matinee prices (yahoozie!), strained to hear each other over blaring music and appetizers and beers afterwards at Wellman's and were home by 11 p.m. Cooler, but not by much.

My thoughts on the movie? It stuck fairly closely to the book, wasn't overly violent, and gave a good setup for the future movies.  Like the book, I teared up about Rue but didn't expect tear up over Katniss and Prim's saying goodbye. Also, I thought Peeta would be larger in stature. And finally, the mutts of my imagination were definitely scarier than the ones in the movie. Pretty insightful review, huh? Well, what do you expect? I thought Crossroads was a good idea.
P.S. I read this article about the casting of Rue and all the CRAZY backlash. She makes some good points.

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