Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer O'Fun take two

I had no idea how much we had going on this summer until I looked at the calendar a few weeks ago. We had a summer/fall that was this crazy packed a couple of years ago and we dubbed it the Summer/Fall O' Fun. It was right before we started seriously thinking about growing our family. I should say that just because we have a crazy upcoming Summer O'Fun part deux doesn't mean that it's an indication of our intentions to add to this family right thissecond so don't hop on that crazy train, people.

In addition to the usual items on our summer agenda, weddings, 80/35, Bix and the State Fair; we also are taking our first family vacation with Josh's family, doing a picnic at Saylorville with my family (which we haven't done in years, like maybe I was in junior high years?!) and a trip to the Omaha Zoo with friends. These are the things of mom dreams.

We had the notion two years ago that we should get all the fun out of our system because after kids, it would be all over. Ex-nay on the un-fay. Thus the summer/fall o' fun was born. Now though, looking back from the other side, (and I think Josh would agree with him despite his half-bellyaches sometimes about not being able to get his drink on whenever he pleases or getting home before SNL even starts because the wild-eyed, shovel-carrying, human garbage disposal that is our son needs to go to bed, stat), there is still fun to be had! We'll make memories for Dexter. The fun we have now is a milk and cookies kind of fun instead of Jager and pizza rolls fun.

Okay, and once in awhile it's a beer and pizza kind of fun. Because moms dream of that too.



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Jonna said...

thats alot of stepps!!!!