Monday, January 28, 2013

Random questions we ask each other

Josh: If you had to get a tattoo of any one animal...?

Me: A phoenix...

Josh: She says without hesitation.

Me: Rising from the ashes. What would you get?

Josh: A wolf. A direwolf.* But I'd have to show that it wasn't just a regular wolf. So I'd have to have it next to a man to show size. Jon Snow.**

And then later on that evening while watching the UFC fight. Well, while he was watching and I was playing Diamond Dash. That game is kind of addictive, isn't it? That little panda and his push notifications full of extra lives. Downright devilish, he is. Anyway the fighters are making their way into the arena with their song playing in the background and I say...

Me: What song would you walk in to?

Josh: This one (plays it on his phone)

Me: He says without hesitation. I would pick the Let me Clear my Throat song. (plays it on his phone)

Josh: It would take you forever to walk into the arena.

Me: Yeah, either that or my humps.

*Note: We're truly this nerdy.
**Note: Yes, truly.

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