Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Things that are inducing a panic attack

In no particular order, these are things that are causing me anxiety:

The idea of potty training Dexter
My sitter breaking my heart and telling us she's moving! The search for new daycare, blech!
Getting this house ready to sell
Mistakes at work. I think the day is coming soon where it won't be considered cute. I started freaking out on Saturday night that I hadn't followed up on a project so I checked in with a co-worker on Monday morning about it and confessed that I had panicked. She emailed back and said that all was good and that freaking out is okay. It shows you care--and that's a good thing. The words I needed to hear, I could've kissed that email.
Taking Dexter anywhere in public. Tantrums, bad ones. Serenity now.

Selling our house is definitely the biggest project on this list, not that future potty-training is anything to scoff at. Both are going to be a messy business.

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