Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Hello, friends! Thought I should pop in with a little Fathers Day weekend action before it gets too far away from me. Joshie and I had the chance to go on a date on Friday night. A real live date! We haven't been on one of those since February, people. Very exciting stuff.  So off we went to happy hour at The Continental where we enjoyed a tasty fried cheese plate. The gruyere puffs were my favorite. After that it was off to Zombie Burger. I swear I could eat my weight (and yours) in fries. Skinny fries preferably.

I tried out a zumba class with a friend at Gray's Lake and then we hit up the Farmers Market on Saturday. Dexter tried to wear this white hat with pink flowers that he found at Lolo's house to the market. And Josh in his infinite father wisdom, told Dexter that "we don't wear hats to farmers markets". Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. And shocker, he actually listened and left it behind in the car! Mini donuts all around! Victory!

Then the skies turned a little gray so we headed home. We binge-watched the third season of Game of Thrones since it was HBO free weekend. The Red Wedding was particularly stabby. And when we had our fill of wildlings and Unsullied, we went to Target because we hadn't been in at least five days. We got the itch. We picked up a few necessities and a boatload of luxuries including this hat which is much better than that doll hat he tried to rock earlier if you ask me.

And then it was Father's Day and we decided that brunch was a lovely idea. As I write this, I'm thinking good heavens, all you do is eat! Days are distinguished by meals. Indeed, this is how we seem to operate around these parts. So brunch! Brunch is a great idea for toddlers because you don't have to order and wait for your food. But hold up, what about the wait to get seated, you say. Sunday brunch on Father's Day, there surely has to be a wait, you say. Ah, yes, there is a wait, friends. And my advice is as follows: if the wait is less than 30 minutes, if the sun is smiling upon you, if there is a sidewalk to explore, if your child has had a small Baggie of Cheerios on the way there, then brunch shall be yours. The outdoor waiting area is your new promised land.

Once our bellies were full, we stopped by Lowe's because that's what you do when you're getting ready to sell your house.

We spent the afternoon at Lolo's house to cap off the day. He treats Dexter like a little prince, which I suppose is what Lolos are for.

Dear, Dexter, you have some good men in your life. We are so very lucky to have this Grandpa (who was sunning himself in Florida on Father's Day, lucky duck!), this Lolo and this Dada.

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