Saturday, November 30, 2013

16 things I am thankful for

Did anyone else get super annoyed with their Facebook people posting a thankful status each day for this whole month? I know they have good intentions but man, sometimes they seemed like they were really reaching.

I made it to 17 before I got bored with my own thankful post. So I quit before I got too "Today I am thankful for toasters" with it. The list goes something like this.

Thankful for...

1. This husband who waits in line with me to check out at Old Navy for 30 min. on Black Friday when the Hawkeye game is about start. And he isn't even cranky about it...or is good at hiding it.
2. Dexter "reading" aloud certain parts of Where the Wild Things Are.

3.  Our families. 

4. The good fortune of being able to see my favorite doctor during the majority of this pregnancy and her proclamation that me and this kid are uncomplicated thus far.
5. The feeling of anxiety about juggling two kids starting to subside and that feeling turning into genuine excitement.
6. This baby, who if activeness in the womb is any indication of personality, is going to be one feisty little girl.
7. The kind of friends that you hope to grow old with.
8. A career change.
9. A rare morning that includes hot chocolate and an Asiago Cheese bagel from Panera.
10. A daycare that puts on a Thanksgiving program and lunch for parents. Even if that program brings your kid to tears.

11. Dexter sleeping fairly well in his big boy bed. Although I must say the mornings where he is up too early and standing over me while I sleep are still pretty creepy.
12. Songs and food that bring you back to a simpler time. Like this song and a bowl of Hamburger Helper. It was like I was back in Cedar Falls getting ready for a night out at The OP.
13. This podcast.
14. Other people's blogs. Feeding my nosiness one post at a time.
15. Travels with Joshie. Because the fun we have once we get to the destination is worth the stress of being navigator to his driver.
16. Dexter's impersonation of a dragon breathing fire.

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