Thursday, May 8, 2014


I've had a bit of wanderlust lately. I even downloaded the airbnb app to my phone just so that I could fantasize about some of the rentals available in San Francisco. Yes, San Francisco is on my list of places to visit eventually. Also, Harry Potter's Wizarding World. Forget Disneyworld, give me Diagonal Alley!

I'm not sure when we'll make it out to these places. Most of our travel is pretty much Midwest focused these days. We have a few vacations on the docket already this summer including our annual family vacay to Minnesota. Dexter is already looking longingly at his swim trunks. The golf course across the street had their sprinklers turned on and he declared that he would like to go swimming. Three years old is kind of cute.

Later on this summer Joshie and I are going to an Arcade Fire concert in Chicago. The ticket says the dress code is formal attire. Apparently there's been a little backlash from fans but I am pretty pumped about it. Think I can squeeze into my wedding dress? Ha!

No, but seriously.

And the final piece of my summer travel is a girls weekend in Kansas City with my former roomies and always friends. The planning of this trip may or may not have come on the heels of me learning that Josh would be traveling a bit more for work. I know that running the home and kids solo ain't no thang for some mamas (plenty of pats on backs to those women), but for me it's a big deal. A big, exhausting deal so for one weekend I am saying peace out, family. Mommy needs a minute.

Who else has big vacay plans this summer? Also, any recommendations for places to eat or stay in Chicago or Kansas City?

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