Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our evenings

Many days we get home from work and race to finish up the day--dinner on the table, bedtime, bath time. We also prepare for the next day--washing bottles, storing milk, pulling out clothes for the next day, making lunches--it's the boring side of being an adult, being a parent. After daycare the kids are sometimes cranky and Dexter is always starving. It's an art trying to figure out the right portion for a snack. Too much and there's no hope for dinner. Too little and the edge of a hunger-induced tantrum lurks quietly behind his eyes. This is a small battle that feels larger when you're in it. Some evenings we collapse on the couch and let out a great sigh of relief.

The weather has turned warm though and occasionally Josh and I will do our own little happy hour with drinks and music on the patio. Dexter runs around chasing bubbles and birds, he's pretty good at catching the former, not so much the latter. Evy kicks her chubby little legs from her bouncy seat just happy to be along for the ride. On these evenings, we sit, we sip, we breathe.

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