Friday, February 27, 2015

Around here lately

February is birthday month in this house. Evy had her first at the beginning of the month and Dexter's birthday is this week. We made our daily, er, weekly run to Target today and for giggles let Dexter wander up and down all the toy aisles to see what he might like for his birthday. Conclusion: all of it. He thinks everything is cool. Everything deserves a "Guys, look it!"

For the first time ever we will be hosting the birthday party. We have always had the party at my dad's since our old house was too little for all of our family but now that we've moved into our larger forever home, (my words, not Josh's. I am never moving ever again and you can't make me) we can finally host! I am equally thrilled and and frazzled at this idea. Thrilled because we can leisurely set up, decorate and just do things the way we want to. Frazzled because did I mention how slowly this house is coming together?

We have kicked it into high gear to try to get things a bit more settled but it seems like every time we start a project, we unearth another project. Like let's paint the living room...that looks good...but did the crown molding always look so dingy...and what is up with the popcorn ceiling...and maybe we should do something with the fireplace...I told Josh that we need to be on Fixer Upper or get our own DIY/HGTV show. They love interracial couples! And ooh, look at these cute halfsie kids! We would be a smash I am sure of it.

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