Monday, March 9, 2015


This past weekend was filled with house guests and parties and little boys running up and down stairs hollering at the top of their lungs. We celebrated our February birthdays finally. Josh's parents and our nephew came up to stay for the weekend and my whole famdamily came over for Sunday brunch.

I like parties. I like picking out decorations. I like thinking about logistics and food. I don't even mind the whirlwind of setting up and tearing down. The things that I could do without though are the present opening and cake cutting. Every year it's the same.  The kids, Dexter included, want to grab the cake and tear into all the presents. They stand in a one foot circle around the cake or presents and then drone on and on about helping unwrap or which piece of cake is theirs. I am quite certain that the whole scene is akin to a zombie apocalypse.

After everyone left, I was telling Josh about this terribleness and then I was kind of thinking to myself you know, so much of what I get stressed about are actually really good things. It is good that Dexter and Evy have cousins who love them and come to their birthday parties. It is good that we have family who care so much about Evy's tiny unsocked feet freezing in a 50 degree weather in a house full of people who carry her everywhere anyway. It is good that we live in a house where the complaint is not about the size anymore but is about the location of the bathroom...the er, one and only bathroom.

Stressed and blessed, right? It sounds so cheesy but it's kind of where I'm at right now. If this isn't a thing on Pinterest or some lame-o hashtag mom thing then it should be. You're welcome. DIYers and social media mavens of the world, this is a thing. Unite the clans.

And now photos of random birthday bidness.

^^I said, I'll make lightsabers out of these. After seven of them I ran out of steam. 

^^Grandma and Grandpa for the win.

She owned that cupcake. 

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