Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from Bix

Ready to run.

We got our Bix on this weekend and much to my surprise, it was enjoyable! Naturally, we had a mishap--Annie and I got separated at the starting line. Note to self: It's not so easy finding your running partner in a sea of 18,000 people when the meeting spot is "over there-ish on the other side of the street", go figure. I looked at Josh fearfully when the race began and Annie was nowhere in sight. Good hubby that he is, he ran with me all the way up Brady Street, even when I tried to tell him to "go on without me", and then as we parted ways, he was seven-mile bound and I was only two, he yelled, "I'm proud of you already!" Ha, he's so funny!

And with that, I ran the whole Quick Bix with my girls Kate Nash, Ingrid Michaelson, Lady Sovereign, and Lily Allen singing back up on my ipod for the first half of the race. Then I made my way to the finish line with Bubba Sparxxx and Black Eyed Peas cheering me on. What strange running music! It kept me going though, so if I need to continue listening to sassy brits, folksy girls and songs that are about the booty (that's where Bubba Sparxxx and BEP came in; do you know which songs I'm talking about?), to keep me running, then so be it!

Where did we find each other after the race? The beer tent, of course.

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