Friday, July 24, 2009

Running Scared

We're about to head off to Davenport to (gasp!) run in the Bix. This seven-mile race draws the BEST of the best in the running game and when I say the BEST, I am not exaggerating. To put it plainly, the first ten runners to finish are always Kenyan, 'nuff said. Anyway, a few months ago my dear cousin-through-marriage, Annie said, "We should just do the Quick Bix. It's only two miles." I laughed nervously and said "Sure, why not?"

Now with only half a day between me and Brady Street hill, I'm still laughing nervously. True, two miles isn't a big deal for normal, well-exercised people. For me, my short Asian legs, and my heart that beats as fast as a field mouse when its resting, this is a HUGE deal. I'm a wimp, I know. I went ahead and bought some very official looking track shorts at Scheel's this week. I figure I can at least look the part when I'm huffing and puffing up and down the hill.

Bix Race Route. Josh is doing the seven-mile with my dear cousin Andrew. See you at the beer tent, boys!

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