Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A taste of the good life!

Remember when you were a kid? Sometimes it is hard to remember that time so long ago when your biggest concern was Math homework and making it in for dinner, finishing and getting outside to play before it was dark. Sometimes all it takes is a little help to trigger those memories of the glory days. I experienced such a thing just this Sunday. I had a Nesbits orange soda. I instantly was brought back to a childhood spent camping and playing baseball. I miss my Nesbits. Do you remember pop in glass bottles? We are the generation where pop evolved from just cola and "uncola" to Surge, Jolt and who could forget Shasta. I had no idea pop would play such a role in my childhood. I didn't even drink much pop as a youth. Now all I can find is Nesbits in orange but they used to have a full array of flavors from strawberry, root beer and even the famed blue cream soda! Well now that my orange time machine in a bottle is all gone I guess I will go on to chugging my coffee at my 9 to 5 job trapped in my cube. Until next time Nesbits!

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Nick and Amy said...

We have Mexican cokes and bottled pop at work...and a farm stand out here has, pepsi, rootbeer, and Mt. Dew in bottles...Come to think ot's the best part of Oregon.