Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What have yahs Wednesday

1. The last few times we've been to the movies, Josh and I have seen previews for the film "Where the Wild Things Are" which is based on the popular book from our childhood. Josh is super excited about this but I can't recall what the book was about. Wasn't it mostly illustrations? I know that I definitely have it packed away at my dad's house along with my Berenstain Bears and Mercer Mayer books so perhaps I'll have to go digging through storage.

Pic from here.

2. I think this is the best purchase I've made in a long time. An alternative to my usual summer uniform of solid colored, short-sleeved cotton tees and denim capris. Plus, it has pockets! Who doesn't love dresses with pockets? My sister-in-law, Dawn would be so proud!

I bought it here.

3. I was listening to my old Fiona Apple CD when I was playing Josh's sous chef and helping with the potato salad this past weekend. Man, I totally forgot how much I loved Fiona Apple in high school! I used to listen to that CD everyday. I wonder what Fiona is up to these days?
Pic from here, taken from her infamous video and song from the 90s "Criminal" (rumored to be about an orgy-yikes!). Josh said my parents probably were kind of worried about me since her music was a little dark. I told him they probably weren't that worried considering I alternated between her CD and Hanson's-ha.

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