Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Have Yahs Wednesday

1. I can't believe how much Suds sheds! You really wouldn't think a Great Dane would leave a trail of hair behind but our little puppy love definitely breaks the mold. His hair is everywhere in our house! Josh's parents tipped us off to this handy tool they use on their dog Dublin. Zoom Groom to the rescue!

Ours is in red, but you get the gist. Get yours here.

2. Thanks to the blogging world, I nabbed myself a free photobook from Shutterfly. This post from my pal, Jennifer's sister, Becky (did that make sense?) alerted me to this sweet deal. Thank my lucky stars that this family loves a bargain and is willing to share the info :)

I've been meaning to Shutterfly photobook our honeymoon photos for a long time. Cease the freebie!

3. I'm super in love with this Monster Trail Mix from Archer Farms. I've never been much of a trail mix person but ever since I decided that I liked peanuts (okay, the butterscotch chips, chocolate chips and M&Ms aren't that bad either), I've had my hand in the jar nonstop...and it shows.

Waah! Trail mix gone. What a bummer.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

You got your free book?! I spent days working on mine only to find out that my account was not, in fact, eligible for the offer. :(