Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Have Yahs Wednesday

1. I can't believe we only have one month until we go to Austin City Limits! I'm super disappointed that Lily Allen backed out. I do love me some sassy Brits! But I'm definitely excited about seeing the Avett Brothers again. We saw them play a few months ago and that night I made the executive decision that I should take up the banjo.* I read an article about them in Rolling Stone recently and that got me even more pumped up about it.

Pic from here
2. Speaking of magazine articles, did anyone see the Speidi interview in Playboy? Well, I did and it made me 1) hate Speidi even more and 2) hate myself for loving to hate Speidi even more. Oh, if only I hadn't gotten sucked into "Laguna Beach" all those years ago. They had me at "Dunzo".
3. Is it bad that I kind of have a thing for Elliott Stabler? The summer we moved into our house we decided to go without cable. NBC really liked their reruns of Law & Order: SVU that summer and as it turned out so did I! There's something about an actor that can go from a role as a serious detective with a slight anger-management problem to this:

*Editor's note: I have yet to make any attempt at purchasing a banjo or investing in lessons.

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Jennifer said...

Speidi is so gross! I puked in my mouth a little when I read the interview.