Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Mad Men Season One: a smokey drunken chauvinistic adventure back in time

Over the past week Lora and I have been watching season 1 of Mad Men. I love this show! Have you ever been asked "if you could live in any decade other than one you have experienced which would you choose"? I have always said the 60's and that was before watching Mad Men. Mad Men hearkens to a day when drinking scotch all day in your office, chain smoking (in your office) and coming home to a home cooked meal whenever you feel like it was expected. If smoking and drinking scotch all day with the boys on Madison Ave wasn't cool enough you get to do it while wearing a suit, tie and a HAT! Mad men is a great show but be warned you may want a cigarette halfway through the first episode.
FYI... the parents of January Jones (Betty Draper, Don Draper's wife) live in Des Moines. Read more here.

Enjoying a little whiskey while I watch Mad Men... I didn't have any scotch.

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