Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What have yahs Wednesdays

1. Splash! I finally enjoyed this renowned Des Moines culinary spot. I also had the raw oysters and they were awesome! If you have the chance I suggest you give them a shot no matter how much you think you won't like them. Give it a shot!

Freshest oysters around

2. Lora and I have entered the gauntlet! Our next few weeks are action packed and I couldn't be more excited. We are going to the Dave Matthews band concert at Principal Park on Friday, We are going to Wicked on Wednesday, Friday we head down to Austin Texas for the Austin City Limits festival, and on the weekend of the 10th we head to Iowa City for the Iowa Michigan game. We're going to need a nap!

3. As many of you know we bought a new car this spring. Well... we just received our bill for our new tags in the mail. Man does that suck! A far cry from the $13.00 I had to pay for my tags in high school for my 1966 Plymouth Fury.

The good ol days

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