Friday, October 9, 2009

Lets give this a shot. Pick 6

Okay. So I have been dabbling in the arena of sports wagering the past couple of weeks. Not only is it fun but it makes the game between Florida Atlantic and Florida International exciting. I do not wager much of anything but I have been able to put my knowledge of NFL and College football to good use...sort of. I will begin to offer up a few suggestions for picks that I might make. For those of you who think I am involved in an illegal operation. Not so fast my friends! is completely legal. Remember this is for entertainment purposes only.

Michigan @ -7Iowa I like Iowa to pull it together on offense and to rattle the frosh Michigan QB.

Georgia Tech @ -3Florida State GA Tech has NEVER won in Tallahassee.

Auburn @ +3 Arkansas Ryan Mallett is too much for the fighting Chiziks.

Stanford @ Oregon State(pick em) Oregon State is improving and I can't trust Stanford on the road.

Georgia+1 @ Tennessee Richt has a 25-4 raod record in the SEC and Tenn isn't that good.

Indiana +6 1/2 @ Virginia Indy is better than most think and Va is awful.

Also, they have not posted an open line for the Florida @ LSU game. I thin LSU will win the game straight up, Tebow or no Tebow.

Good luck! Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.

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Kelly Ruden said...

I really thought I was at my cousin Brooke's blog so I was totally confused about why she knew so much about football.