Monday, February 8, 2010


I hate winter now! Snow is great until January. As we get another 5 inches of snow today, the memories of hot summer days on a patio seem so distant that I can just faintly recall the feel of the warm sun on my face. I bought a pair of cheap boots from target that I could wear while shoveling and snow blowing. I quickly learned that 20$ work boots have negative traction and was rendered helpless in the middle of my steep driveway a week ago. My snow blower sucks and is almost more work than shoveling most of the time. I need spring to be here. I can't take the negative affect the frigid temps and wintry weather are having on my normally sunny disposition! I have come to the conclusion that the standard response that most Iowans give when asked if they would live in Florida or California of "I think I would miss the seasons" is a bunch of CRAP! This "I would miss the seasons" or "no snow on Christmas" line is just a stupid lie that us Iowans have tricked ourselves into believing. Well I am not fooled anymore! Well...not until summer or Christmas rolls around again.

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