Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What have yahs Wednesday

1. I'm out of books to read. I finished "The Tipping Point" and thought it was pretty good. It was one of those books that I would put down and then talk to Josh about what I just read. He's reading it right now. It's like we're in our own little book club, isn't that cute? I most recently finished "Wicked" and enjoyed it. Now I'm torn between which book to start, "Son of a Witch" or "Outliers"?

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2. I know that everyone's probably pretty sick of the Single Ladies song by Beyonce, but I really wish she would've performed that at the Grammys instead of the little "If I were a Boy"/"You Oughta Know" remix. I just wasn't into the crazy hairography but I guess she's committed to the part.
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3. I was just complaining to Josh that no one runs "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" reruns anymore and then yesterday morning, my syndication gods were smiling down on me--I happened to flip to MTV and they are running episodes at 8 a.m. This will go perfectly with my 7 a.m. Saved by the Bell showing.

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Kelly Ruden said...

Sophie Kinsella has a new book you can add to your reading list. It's pretty good in the usual ridiculous kind of way.