Monday, May 17, 2010

Seat switchers

Pic from here

The past few times at church, Josh and I have noticed that people are switching seats after Communion. And I'm not talking same pew but in a different spot, I'm saying one or two pews behind the pew that they originally came from. No biggie really...except for when they move and plant themselves in the exact same pew and spot that we were sitting in during the entire mass. Imagine our surprise when we walked back from Communion and found that our seats had been filled by parishioners who for the past 50 minutes had been sitting right in front of us. What the what? Maybe we made our seats look extra comfy and they wanted in on the action, not sure.


Jennifer said...

Weird! Was your purse in the pew?

Lora said...

One time it was and one time it wasn't. The time that it wasn't we just kept walking and walked right out the door. No more praying and reflecting for us that day!

Annie Salgado said...

When I saw the picture for this blog entry I thought you were going to make fun of people like me that have sat in the same spot their entire lives :) This is a strange story though! What the what is a good way to put it!