Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well fed

There are many reasons why I love Joshie. Besides all the mushy and gushy reasons that I won't get into here, he is one amazing cook. As many of you know, the kitchen is a foreign land to me. I just recently got over my phobia of the large knives. When I do cook/bake, I will only prepare things that have a recipe that I can directly refer to right then and there and I do...frequently. So often that it probably takes me twice as long to make the dish as the suggested preparation time.

I count my lucky stars that Josh likes to cook, is confident enough to try a dish sans recipe and more often than not churns out meals that are uber-delicious. Without him, I'd probably be wasting away...or really fat from consuming Hamburger Helper and Velveeta Shells and Cheese nonstop.

The meal we had this weekend is one of my favorites-Josh's nachos. And he kicked it up a notch by including the leftover homemade chips from Annie and Andrew's annual Dam to Dam party.

What else did we do?

  • Hit up Home Depot (pictures of our home progress coming soon)

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