Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Friday buys

Black Friday treated us well. We came home with this guy...who brought along his little buddy, a 5 liter trash can. Younkers, you did it again! These look much sleeker than our kitchen and bathroom trash cans of yore.

The real excitement came when we were at Home Depot though. Last year, Josh's efforts to score a reasonably priced Shop Vac were thwarted when we made the critical error of going straight instead of turning left when entering the store. That temptress, Home Depot included another Shop Vac deal this year so hungry for redemption, Josh and I headed there at 5 a.m. to stake our claim. And alas, efforts were not wasted! Josh scurried ahead while my little pregnant self got stuck behind some cart wielding baby boomers and he managed to get his paws on the item that eluded him in 2009. Here's the best part. As we were walking victoriously to our car, a guy asked Josh if there were any Shop Vacs left, Josh told him that there were a few left and where they were located in the store. And then he turned to me and said, "That's the guy from American Pickers!" Crazy, huh? You know you're jealous!


Kelly Ruden said...

Tom hates that guy! He loves the show, but that guy drives him crazy.

Jennifer said...

Really?! Now, mind you, I've never seen the show and was too lazy to click the link to even know what the show is about, but still, a celeb, you say? :)

Annie Salgado said...

Ok, I thought you said some thought Josh was the guy from American Pickers - until I read the comments. Ha Ha

Jonna said...

Josh does sorta look like him with that beard of his.HAAAAHAAA