Thursday, March 17, 2011

It feels good to be cheap

Josh has been trying to talk me into getting a deep freeze for months and his dream came true a couple of weekends ago. He finally won me over after he found out that Hy-Vee had them "on special". The deal was buy the deep freeze for $200 and get $100+ worth in coupons and a $15 gift card. We made a family trip to the grocery store last week to cash in and whittled our $140 grocery bill down to $6.11. Yes, we were those people. The guy behind us in line was half impressed and a touch annoyed since the coupons didn't have a barcode and had to be entered in manually by the cashier (to which I say, really, Hy-Vee? Really?). So now we have a deep freeze to store all our frozen goodies and milk for Dex (oh, didn't I mention that the day I became a mother, I also turned into a cow?). Score.

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