Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here comes Hurricane Suds Suds

As I've mentioned before, Suds has a terrible time with thunderstorms. His phobia has only gotten progressively worse over time, so much so that he's now anxious at the tiniest raindrop. During the last major storm, Dex's stuffed giraffe became an amputee.

It stormed here last night and during the day today. Last night Suds paced and panted the ENTIRE night trying to wedge himself into corners of the room which as you can imagine is not an easy feat for a 115 lb. dog.

Flash forward to this afternoon-I came home to a house that had been torn through by Hurricane Suds Suds. From what I can gather from the crime scene, I figure it played out like this. He saw Dex's bouncy seat and remembered how comforting it was for Dex so he tried to ease himself into it but instead knocked it over. Suds' next course of action was to hide in the corner of our dining nook and tear up his basket of toys. Hurricane Suds Suds then decided to continue this mass destruction and proceeded to shred a blanket on the couch. I found the boppy pillow on the floor with the blanket. I'm still nursing and if Suds had sunk his teeth into that u-shaped pillow, Dex would've witnessed his mother weeping angry tears. Thankfully, Suds had enough sense to leave it alone.

His next move was to the shoe closet because if there's anything Suds knows about a storm it's that you're suppose to move to the most interior room of the house if you don't have a basement. He grabbed all the shoes in the closet and scattered them on the living room floor in order to make room for his 115 lb. self. He left the shoes untouched, not a single bite mark (thank God, again that's where the weeping could've come in), and then must've realized that hey, we DO have a basement! So he booked it down there and there he stayed for the rest of the afternoon until I got home from work.

I have no pictures of the damage from Hurricane Suds Suds but if I did, they would be too horrific to share and I don't want to inflict that kind of harm on you.


Jennifer said...

Oh no! Poor Suds. How did he do last night once you were home?

Kelly Ruden said...

This is hilarious! I keep trying to picture Suds laying on the bouncy seat. Poor little guy-he just doesn't realize how big he is.