Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8 Months

  • Army crawling towards things he can't have, including Suds' bone and Josh's PS3
  • Crying when we take away things he can't have
  • Standing and creeping along the couch
  • Really starting to babble, has the whole "dada" thing down pat
  • In need of another bang trim
  • Cheeks get really rosy after nursing
  • First trip away from mom and dad or rather first trip mom and dad left him behind, more on that later
  • First Halloween
  • First baptism as a witness
  • First baptism as the baptized
  • No teeth yet

 He really liked Benny's hat.

 Cousin costume party. I think Dexter asked Owen what it meant to be a "Child of Christ" so as to prepare himself for his baptism the next day.

Opening gifts at his baptism. I believe everyone else has pics of the actual event.

Little photo sesh with Christine

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