Monday, January 2, 2012

10 months

What up with those double digits, son? 10 months! Say it with me-yipes! I'm late again with this update. Maybe I'm trying to ignore the fact that this kid is inching closer to the Big Uno.

  • Two pearly white teeth on the bottom. Those suckers took a long time to show themselves!
  • First Christmas
  • First New Years Eve party
  • Stranger danger. Over Christmas in Dport we noticed that he just seems a little leery around unfamiliar faces.
  • Fo real crawling. On hands and knees like a real live baby! He's so over that army crawl business.
  • Still cruising too...which calls for a pair of shoes of course!
The "ball popping action" was a little disturbing for him at first but he's getting braver.

Here's those shoes I was talking about.
They taste even better than they look.
You can't tell, but he is wielding a lightsaber during the New Year's Eve party. It was passed around from youngling to youngling. Not a bad way to ring in 2012, right?

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