Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Year

How absolutely unreal is it that we have been in charge of another person for an entire year? In charge of their eating and sleeping and learning and moving and growing. And hair. We were in charge of a lot of hair too. The first six months were a blur and the last six months went too fast. The baby turned into a boy. Poof.

Dexter claps now. He even started clapping when they were spinning the wheel on "Wheel of Fortune". Clever. He has an insatiable appetite which bodes well for him in this family where we are constantly thinking about the next meal. He won't walk although I'm certain he could if he were so inclined. Courage, man. His bottom teeth look like they will soon be joined by a pair on top. We are a divided house on whether he has knowingly said mama and dada. I think he's just jabbering but Josh thinks otherwise. Suds is too doped up on anti-anxiety meds to weigh in. Poor Sudsy. That story is for another post.

Dexter enjoys the thrill of the chase and breathes and giggles hard when we're crawling after him. He wants to live on the edge and stare down and climb up any staircase. And oh, yes, there's the doors. How he enjoys anything on hinges. Open, shut, open, shut.

One year. Poof.

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